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Turning 100 title into the DAISY format
- A pilot project at the DZB Leipzig

Dr. Thomas Kahlisch |  DZB Leipzig | Germany


Hard- and software


With this project we try to solve the following tasks:

  • training of staff members to use digital equipment
  • find a low budged approach
  • collecting experiences in the A/D process


Step 1: Analog streams of 4 tape machines (2 tracks each) is parallel processed by a PC
Step 2: Audio stream is premastered, phrase detected and stored on hard disk
Step 3: 4 reverse tracks are turned into the correct order
Step 4: WAV files are checked
Step 5: Files are stored on a DLT drive and can be used for the structuring process
Step 6: Structuring and building process can be done with LpStudio or Sigtuna Recorder

Hard- and software

  • PC with access to the network

  • Denoiser and Limiters for preprocessing

  • Special software for phrase detection and reverse process, developed by MARINA GbR in Leipzig

  • SAMPLITUDE for WAV processing, developed by SEKD in Dresden

  • DAISY-Software LpStudio/Pro and Sigtuna Recorder